East Otis is a Lancaster-based furniture design studio focusing on furniture & functional objects, designed and hand crafted by Will & Emma Haughery.
Our Studio
We make heirloom pieces built to age through every season of your life— from that first hole-in-the-wall apartment you rent to your forever home. Our work ranges from conceptual design to utilitarian objects all of which demonstrate a simplicity in form, subtle detailing, and a unique interpretation of space.

Will grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, as the youngest of 5 brothers he was no stranger to getting his hands dirty making things. The son of a cabinet builder, he learned at a young age that quality materials and thoughtful design could improve everyday experiences—a small detail that made things just a little easier. These were the beginning values of East Otis— everyday furniture, made with good quality materials & thoughtful design touches. After highschool he got a job working construction, before relocating to Philadelphia, PA to pursue a degree in Fine Arts at Tyler School of Art, Temple University. After Art School, Will’s approach to making furniture became more sculptural, as he found new ways to merge his painting work into the furniture design. But it’s the unique & utilitarian details that makes East Otis furniture different, which is where Emma’s complementary force comes in. 

Emma grew up ever-obsessed with small details on objects & garments. Knobs on doors, spines on books, zippers on pants, odd numbered buttons, wrappers on candy, pockets on dresses, stitching on sleeves, there’s no small detail that Emma isn’t paying attention to. With a background in Fashion design, her eye for scale, material & color is what sets their furniture apart. 

Together our opposites attract and have informed our design principles & approach to making art inspired by our favorite yin & yang duo— Brancusi & Barbera Hepworth. Over the years, we have worked to bring those values to a new audience. Our furniture is made to accommodate the practicalities of everyday living, with considered design, thoughtful detail, and always with a sense of familiarity. We hope these pieces bring you a sense of home, and become the building blocks for the memories you will live in years to come.
Design Principles and Process
Photo By Marisa Albrecht

Our design process begins with a conversation between us usually early in the morning or late at night. We love antiquing and visiting architecturally famous homes.

We oftentimes will start with a simple shape or form and then complicate it with additions. Something very simple can be very complex in its execution.